Vienna Declaration: The most relevant topics in social innovation research

2011 – According to the participants of the international conference on workplace innovation in Vienna technological innovation alone is no longer sufficient. In the transition to a society based on knowledge and services, social or workplace innovation is needed. The Vienna Declaration is the result of the conference and a starting point for the identification, development and implementation of social innovation.
The 350 participants, researchers from the broad field of the social sciences, have jointly compiled the most relevant topics for research in the field of social innovation. Europe uses a broad definition of social innovation.
In Europe ‘social innovation’ is referring to broad socio-economic issues.
The European School of Social Innovation strives to meet the expectations and developments in the field of social innovation.
They need to make  progress on the following points:
           developing the concept and definition of social innovation;
           placing the concept of social innovation in theories about innovation;
           developing a method to identify and measure social innovation.

Prioritized research topics are:
the potential of social innovation for the economy, society, the business community;
influencing social innovation from various levels of government;
the social processes in various collaborations and organizational structures;
the relationship between innovation of services and social innovation;
social innovation in the workplace for working smarter;
the measurability of value creation through social innovation;
monitoring, testing and measurement of resources for social innovation;
the opportunities and risks of social media in social innovation.

The full article: Vienna Declaration: The most relevant topics in social innovation research (2011) by J. Hochgerner, HW Franz J. Howaldt and A. Schindler-Daniels is attached.