Vital Human Capital; innovation in the relationship between work and health

2013 – In this essay employees of TNO (division Labour) plea to develop a clear and coherent vision to cope with the challenges of our time by investing in “human capital vital". The challenges are well known: globalization, technological innovations, a changing composition of the workforce with implications for the labor market and now rising unemployment.
It is a vision for citizens, business and government.

In a nutshell, an overview is presented of the developments on the demand and supply side of the labor market and associated with developments in the healthcare sector, a sector of great economic importance. Two complementary questions at the interface between health and economics will be: How can labor organizations contribute to a healthy and vital work force and How may the healthcare sector contribute to employability, productivity and innovativeness of employees and organizations? Answers to these questions can be sought on two levels: Micro level , namely the capabilities, own strength and self-direction by individuals and Organizational and Institutional level improving innovation capacity.

Together with partners from industry and healthcare, TNO wants to materialize such an innovation agenda.
TNO has chosen for the cyclic innovation model (Berkhout, et al, 2007) as a guide. This model assumes that the key to successful innovation lies in identifying the cyclical interaction between actors and ‘multidisciplinary cycles’. Fundamental knowledge and applied technologies form the technical innovation cycle. The social innovation cycle consists of psychology, sociology and applied markets and marketing strategies. Technical and social innovation are complementary and necessary for successful innovation.

Wevers, C.; Bongers, P.; ( mmw. Geuskens, G. Goudswaard, A. Wiezer, N. ) 2013, Vitaal menselijk kapitaal. Vernieuwing in de relatie Arbeid en Gezondheid. (Vital human capital. Innovation in the relation between Labour and Health.) TNO, ISBN 978-90-5986-438-2 . (see pdf.  in Dutch in the Annex).

Theme : Sustainable work
Source: Article