Vol 2, No 1 (2016): European Journal Of Workplace Innovation

2016 – The second volume of  European Journal of Workplace Innovation has been published on the Internet.

Table of contents:

  • Editiorial: The Workplace Innovation Debate Expands (Richard Ennals)       


  • Why Industry 4.0 needs Workplace Innovation: a critical look at the German debate on advanced manufacturing (Ralf Kopp, Jürgen Howaldt, Jürgen Schultze)     

  • Dealing with economic and demographic challenges: Workplace innovation practices as a timely and effective response to older workers’ needs. (Dimitra Gkiontsi, Maria Karanika-Murray)            

  • Innovation Management in Swedish Municipalities. (Thomas Wihlman, Magnus Hoppe, Ulla Wihlman, Hélène Sandmark )               

  • High-performance Work Practices in Europe: Challenges of Diffusion (Peter Totterdill, Oliver Exton, Rosemary Exton, Michael Gold)          

  • Ludwig Wittgenstein and his Followers (Richard Ennals)     


See for links to the articles: https://journal.uia.no/index.php/EJWI