Webinar Interview Dr. Steven Dhondt on Innovation management

2013 – In a Webinar Prof. Dr. Herman van den Bosch and Ward Ooms interview Dr. Steven Dhondt on innovation management. The interview is broadly as to why the effect of technical innovation is significantly enhanced as well as social innovation is applied (see link below).

In this interview of an hour will include the following topics:

  • The similarities and differences in innovativeness between the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders);
  • The most important incentive for innovation is the “progress principle ‘, that is people seeing progress in their work (Amabile & Kramer, 2011);
  • Creating active workstations (functions with high job demands and high control options) is the main instrument to create Innovative work organization;
  • Companies have far too little attention to the intangible (soft) assets thereby innovation remains;
  • ‘Work place innovation’ or – in the Netherlands – ‘social innovation’ is required but is still only common in small pilots, has to be scaled up into “systemic change”;
  • A new European network of companies, social partners, intermediary organizations and knowledge institutions, EUWIN (EU Workplace Innovation Network) will contribute to this scale, the exchange and dissemination of practical experience and knowledge, gained through research in practice;
  • The top sector policy in the Netherlands should not only be on the hard technology as is currently the case, but must be complemented by attention to the intangible assets in companies.

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Topics: Innovation and Innovation capacity, International
Source: Multimedia