What would google do?

2009Google has become the most famous brand in the world – and therefore more famous than Coca-Cola. Google is the fastest growing company in the world. Google is a leader in online advertising. 

How do they do that?
No company, government agency or foundation has managed to profit from the potential of the Internet as much as Google did. And so it is wise to ask when you have to make decisions (about Internet): what would Google do? Jeff Jarvis publishes one of the most popular blogs about media and news: buzzmachine.com. In ‘Wzgd? " he explains what Google does and how, in a sharp and witty argument.
Because on the Internet everything goes differently. The users make the shots. Companies must no longer talk to their customers, but on the contrary listen to them. They need no longer to protect their products, but rather open up. Google understands this. Jeff Jarvis shows how Google does it – and how everybody can translate this into his own business. He shows what 2.0 can do to companies and how the Internet not only mobilizes consumer power, but also put the social relationships on their head.

See the online review via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfcWFvkcHVI