WIN - European programmes and activities on work-oriented innovation

This WIN-report published in 2005, provides an overview of the activities and programs at that time in the field of innovation of the countries that were members of WORK-IN–NET. Some of the programs are still operating or have successors with comparable goals.

The WORK-IN-NETwas a Coordination Action (CA, 2005 – 2010) in the ERA-net and  aimed to collect, analyze and disseminate information on national activities in the field of innovation. By improving the quality of work and making more use of the creativity of the employees Europe can keep up with the demands of today’s economy. The information was shared with other Member States of the European Union where workplace innovation is not yet on the agenda. WORK-IN-NET wanted to reduce economic and social disparities between countries.

Finnish Workplace Development Programme ((TYKESFWDP) 
Finnish Work Environment Fund – Työsuojelurahasto
Project Management Organization at DLR of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research Development of work and services ( PT- DLR )
Innovative employment promotion company GmbH (G.I.B.)
The General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Ministry of Development (GSRT )
Government Emilia Romagna
Institute for Labour Foundationan ( IPL)
The Research Council of Norway
Ministry of Scientific Research and Information Technology ( MSRIT )
Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research ( FAS )
Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems ( VINNOVA )

For the full report, European Programmes and Activities on Work-oriented Innovation C. Zettel (2005) see the annex.