WIN - Polish experience in support of employment growth through innovation

2009 – As regards innovation the problems of Poland are mainly in the field of infrastructure and insufficient attention to research and development. Attempts to innovation are small and receive little support, both structurally, financially and mentally.

This article discusses the situation in Poland chronologically. It starts with a clear description of the labor market and the degree of innovation in the Polish economy. Then specific Polish solutions are discussed which are made possible through innovation. In addition, Polish organizations are discussed that can play an important role in this area. Finally, the authors discuss the plans of Poland in the field of innovation for the years to come.

Conclusions and recommendations
Poland has a high rate of unemployment and a low degree of innovation; both within organizations and across the economy. This makes encouraging and enabling innovative solutions at the workplace to an important goal. Poland’s accession to the European Union has led to a boost in this area and made it clear that Poland is an attractive location.

–           The promotion of cooperation between business and science by establishing and subsidizing practical cooperation projects. 
–           Activities that stimulate innovation in the workplace should be set according to Operational Programs. These programs are specifically aimed at achieving a particular objective. 
–           The establishment of a sound innovation strategy should  not be entrusted to the government but to an independent body. 
–           For rapid implementation of innovations in enterprises financial support for R&D activities should be combined with support for the practical implementation. 
–           In addition to establishing sound policies, it is necessary to continue to promote innovation by publishing about success stories and sharing knowledge.   
–           Good ideas and research do not determine the level of the economy, but its implementation in practice does.

See the annex for the full article ‘Polish experience in support of employment growth through innovation’ by the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations FSNT -NOT (2007 ).


The WORK-IN-NET (WIN) was a Coordination Action (CA, 2005 – 2010) in the ERA-net and  aimed to collect, analyze and disseminate information on national activities in the field of innovation. By improving the quality of work and making more use of the creativity of the employees, Europe can keep up with the demands of today’s economy. The information was shared with other Member States of the European Union where workplace innovation is not yet on the agenda. WORK-IN-NET wanted to reduce economic and social disparities between European countries