WIN - Towards a work-oriented strategy in Europe

2007 – This Joint Guiding Paper: Towards a work-oriented strategy in Europe aims to discuss  the development of a European model of innovation  to realize a common notion on it and coordinate related activities. This discussion is part of the agenda of WORK-IN-NET. The WIN-members have determined their strategy for innovation. One of the most important points of the network is to integrate these strategies with European programs.

The WORK-IN-NET (WIN) was a Coordination Action (CA, 2005 – 2010) in the ERA-net and  aimed to collect, analyze and disseminate information on national activities in the field of innovation. By improving the quality of work and making more use of the creativity of the employees, Europe can keep up with the demands of today’s economy. The information was shared with other Member States of the European Union where workplace innovation is not yet on the agenda. WORK-IN-NET wanted to reduce economic and social disparities between European countries.

WORK-IN-NET offers the following handles:

  • Communication and cooperation with national leaders who are supported by a joint offer of tools, workshops and staff exchanges;
  • Evaluation exercises for management to encourage the learning processes of employees;
  • Developing a strategy to generate international partnerships;
  • Finding a balance in organizations between innovation and successful exploitation;
  • Stressing the international importance of innovation;
  • Continuous improvement of  the quality of work and to stress the importance of smart working;
  • Planning innovative actions that broaden the scope of companies;
  • Creating networks for knowledge sharing between big and small companies.                                                                                                                                     

See the annex for the full article Towards a work-oriented strategy in Europe of WORK-IN-NET Consortium (2007).