WIN - Workplaces of the future

2008 – This WIN-report: Workplaces of the future, is the result of a seminar on the prospects of workplaces in the future. At this seminar a wide range of presentations and discussions was presented.

The WORK-IN-NET (WIN) was a Coordination Action (CA, 2005 – 2010) in the ERA-net and  aimed to collect, analyze and disseminate information on national activities in the field of innovation. By improving the quality of work and making more use of the creativity of the employees, Europe can keep up with the demands of today’s economy. The information was shared with other Member States of the European Union where workplace innovation is not yet on the agenda. WORK-IN-NET wanted to reduce economic and social disparities between European countries. 

The report
The report consists of two parts: a summary of the presentations and discussions with conclusions regarding the future workplaces in Sweden and Europe, and the studies submitted to the participants for background information. Topics of presentations and discussion: 
– What is meant by ‘Outlook’; 
– European perspectives; 
– Finnish perspectives;
– German perspectives; 
– Italian perspectives; 
– Social partners and future tasks; 
– Systems for sustainable work in the future.
Background studies:
– P. Docherty, M. Kira & A.B. Rami Shani; Social Sustainability in Work Systems; 
– P. Totterdill; The Social Partner and Future Work; 
– J. Howaldt & H. Jacobsen: National Report Germany; 
– J. Rantala & M. Luotamo:  New technologies and risks: Probing new risks in the work environment by the Argument Delphi method; 
– J. Jari Kaivo-oja:  Foresight Systems and Key Activities at National and Regional Levels in Finland: Developing Foresight Systems and Better Future of Work places in Europe.

See the annex for the full article Workplaces of the future. (2008), by: C. Hakansta and K. Abrahamsson.