Working better in practice; Good practices of ‘Working better in public administration’

2012- In this book an overview of good practices of ‘Working better in public administration’  is presented. This is a program of the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom relations. The book is published by this Ministry. Of each project a description, goals, bottlenecks and solutions are presented. Besides names and contact details of program management and project leaders are given.

The program
The program ‘Working better in public administration’  is launched because the public administration wants to stay an attractive employer even after reduction of budgets. An innovation of the work organization will realize this. For example by minimalizing bureaucracy and investing in people through a good career policy.

The program stands on three pillars:

  • Encouragement of labour mobility
  • Prevention of labour shortness in the future and a flexible allocation
  • Enhancement of labour productivity and more space for professionals.

The book presents 42 good practices. Below a selection of these is described.

Good practices

Regional education; in the projectWorking in the west’ regional cooperation is stimulated by taking courses together and attending network meetings.

Strategic manpower planning in public administration; all parts of the national public administration will start to bring strategic manpower planning in practice. They will work with a method to cope with the whole process of inflow, through flow  and outflow.

Cooperation on interim management; The ‘projectpool’ is a pool of interim project- and programmanagers. At department level pools cooperate in a interdepartmental network named the ‘Pool circle’.

Cooperation in trainee programs; in 2010a projectstarted to cooperate on training programs for young civil servants of municipals, provinces andthe national administration.

Civil servant 2.0; Civil servant 2.0 is a network and a platform of people, both civil servants and civilians, that wants to search and bring to the attention the opportunities of the web 2.0 for the public administration. Important is cooperation across organizational boundaries, cocreation and the government as facilitator.

Working-in-Friesland; in this virtual career center almost all local administrations share vacancies, CVs, workshops and knowledge.

Active-career-round; in this project several partnerships organize interchange days. On that day civil servants from municipals accompany workers from another organization or sector. And vice versa employees from other organizations and sectors work that day in a municipal administration. 

Labour mobility and career centre ‘Zeeland Werkt’; Zeeland Werktbrings togetherthe demand and supply side of the labour market, coaches workers with career questions and promotes employers from the provincial administration as attractive employers.

Labour mobility centre West-Brabant (ACE); ACE is an independent network of employers in the region West-Brabant. More than 1000 companies and institutions from diverse sectors collaborate in the field of labour mobility and HR management. The aim is to improve the result and the quality by exchanging employees, knowledge, ideas and experiences of, for and through employers.

CityHall; Cityhall is a virtual managementgame  that let battle with each other nine teams from three disciplines (HR/Management, Economy and Law/Real estate & Broker) for nine weeks. CityHall is organized by the city of Alphen a/d Rijn together with the Institute for Management training of the Rotterdam college.