Workplace Innovation for Better Jobs and Performance

2012 – The capability to generate sustainable innovations under conditions of knowledge intensity is an eminent societal challenge, demanding more attention on the organizational level for a) social innovations and b) new perceptions of how to generate innovations. This requires the creation of modern work environments based on c) workplace innovation enabling more self-organization and allowing more freedom for individual formatting of job handling.

Workplace innovation is defined as the implementation of new and combined interventions in the field of work organization, human resource management and supportive technologies.

To foster the opportunities and to minimize the risks of work life, the implementation of workplace innovation and advanced research should be stimulated by national and European programs.

Reference: Howaldt, J., Kopp, R. & Pot, F. (2012) Workplace Innovation for Better Jobs and Performance. The Most Important Developments in Modern Working Environments. In: Jeschke, S., Hees, F., Richert, A. and Trantow, S. (eds.) 71 – 72.