Workshop: Work smarter

Workshop: Work smarter

Do you want to do the same amount of work in less time? The workshop Work smarter helps you with many tips and tricks to work more effectively and more efficiently. For instance, you learn how to use technological trickery to organise your work, share information faster and better, and to enhance your competency to prioritise.
This will result in great benefits for yourself: you’ll experience less stress, find a better balance between work and your private life, and be more energetic, more effective, more efficient and more productive.
To get the maximum result of this day, do the Talent and Motivation Assessment in advance. This helps you to identify your individual talents, as well as for what pitfalls you should watch. That allows you prolonged effects.

•           Characteristics

•           Time management

•           Health & energy

•           Technology & tools

•           Networking

•           Getting things done

More information: (in Dutch only)