50 forms of work for creative workshops

2009 – Creative thinking may be seen as a voyage of discovery. Sometimes you leave the logic thinking and you search for the borders, you want to think out of the box and use your imagination. In other cases you just need logic thinking to investigate a question or to judge an idea.

This book offers a treasure map to find your way in the world of creative thinking. It contains 50 inspiring forms of working that stimulate the brains in different ways and that are appropriate for creative workshops with groups and sometimes for individuals. Creative workshops are meetings that contribute to new ideas or a common goal and in the end lead to innovations and improvements. That can happen in an intuitive manner but you will find as well many forms of work that ask for the ratio.

‘50 forms of working for creative workshops’ is written for people that moderate meetings where the creative capacities of participants are used to realize innovations or improvements seriously. That makes this book appropriate for managers, policy makers, trainers, consultants, facilitators and anyone else who moderates such workshops.

Reference: Dols, R. & Gouwens, J. 50 werkvormen voor creatieve sessies; ISBN-13: 9789089650115

Keywords: Smart working,Talent development