A lot of work; Workplace innovation as competitive factor (English summary and article in German)

2013 – In this article (Kopp and Pot argue that social innovation needs more (European) attention: ‘Eine Menge Arbeit’ (A lot of work), and that workplace innovation is a competitive factor: ‘Innovationen am Arbeitsplatz als Wettbewerbsfaktor’ (Workplace innovation as a competitive factor).

They cite three reasons for the societal importance. The first is that companies should exploit the innovation-  and competition skills of employees and develop these to maintain their position in the knowledge society. Second, labor productivity must be raised to ensure welfare and social security, given demographic trends. And thirdly because technological innovations only work if they are supported by or embedded in workplace innovations.
Although there are many good examples, workplace innovation is not applied in the average company. Decision makers often show skepticism about employee participation.

More and more European countries have programs to increase labor productivity, competence development, training and innovation. And in 2013 the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry), has facilitated the establishment and operation of a European network of companies, universities and social partners: EUWIN.

Kopp , Ralf & Pot , Frank; Eine Menge Arbeit ; Innovationen am Arbeitsplatz als Wettbewerbsfaktor (A lot of work, workplace innovation as a competitive factor.) In: Innovationsmanager, September 2013