A Research Agenda for Workplace Innovation

The challenge of disruptive Transitions

2023 – This book is a reader consisting of 14 chapters by many authors and edited by Oeij, Dhondt and McMurray. The main thesis is that Workplace Innovation is helpful for organisations to adapt or anticipate on disruptive transitions like new digital technology.

The book is structured in three parts:

  1. Technology and organisation: new technology as a driver for change in the organisation, for its work processes and the work of employees.
  2. Individual behaviour contributing to performance goals: workplace engagement to improve the business and the quality of work.
  3. Convergence, policy about workplace innovation and the agenda for the future.

The book shows a huge variety in the type of possible intervention with the workplace innovation concept. The editors conclude in the last chapter it is perhaps not desirable to streamline the pervasive field into a limited number of research avenues. Therefore the book is an invitation to further cooperation and co-innovation in the workplace innovation field among researchers, consultants, policy-makers, and practitioners from industries.


Oeij, Peter; Dhondt, Steven; McMurray, Adela. (2023) A Research Agenda for Workplace Innovation. The challenge of Disruptive Transitions. Elgar Research Agendas, Edward Elgar Publishing.

See for the e-book the book information page on Elgar publisher’s website: https://www.e-elgar.com/shop/gbp/a-research-agenda-for-workplace-innovation-9781800881938.html

Find also a note with abstracts and key notes by the first editor.