Association among Workplace Innovation, Employee Innovativeness and Job Performance

Empirical Validation in Context of Knowledge-Based Organizations

2019 – New technologies have changed the way we live, consume and meet people. The Industrial Internet is changing the way we work and manufacture as the Internet has changed our lives. The digital revolution is taking place. Many industries are undergoing rapid and dramatic changes, others are going to develop slowly and steadily. There is no return in any case. Clearly, success in the new industrial revolution needs our businesses to make use of the best technologies available. But the response is not software alone. They need to focus more on human factors. This is world’s main resource and we are not making enough use of it. WPI is not only aimed at promoting creative skills, it also allows businesses to stay competitive and respond quicker and easier to changes. In reality many of the organizational interventions aimed at improving employee performance and engagement are actually against employee well-being needs and goals. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to examine the nature, extent, the association and influencing factors of workplace innovation. The primary objective of this exploratory research is three-fold. First, this study attempted to explore the factors, perceived by knowledge professionals to be critical to their innovativeness, job performance and engagement. Second, to provide knowledge based organizations with an integrated framework of workplace innovation based on both the empirical findings and building on existing research.


The researchers developed a questionnaire on the basis of an operationalization of determinants of workplace innovation as independent variables: Organizing smarter, Working flexible, Strategic orientation and Usage of high-tech application. The dependent variables were: Job performance and Employee innovativeness.



The questionnaire was completed by 481 accepted respondents. Statistical analyses were executed on these responses. This showed that Workplace innovation determinants have a significant positive association with job performance and employee engagement.



Khan Mohsin, Raya R. Prabhakara (2019): ‘Association among Workplace Innovation, Employee Innovativeness and Job Performance: Empirical Validation in Context of Knowledge-Based Organizations’, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE) ISSN: 2277-3878, Volume-8 Issue-4, November 2019