Bosch Scharnieren (Hinges)

Bosch Scharnieren

2022 – Bosch Scharnieren (hinges) in Doetinchem, the Netherlands designs and produces high-quality metal hinges for industrial applications. The company specializes in customer-specific products. At the beginning of 2022, the company was taken over by a French group: Pinet Industrie. The company currently has 25 employees.

The workplace innovation

In 2008, Bosch introduced Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM). The essence of QRM is a transformation into a cellular organisation with flexible, scalable cells that transfer work to each other. All employees – including those in the office – work in QRM cells. The QRM cells are multidisciplinary. The cells perform a predefined group of similar activities, a kind of ‘whole task’. In the cells, employees work with a form of self-management. Employees divide the work among themselves, and that does not only consist of executive tasks. The systems have taken a lot of simple administrative work off their hands. Customized orders can move along their own route from cell to cell for different operations depending on the specifications of the order. Not much has changed in the machines and machine setups in recent years.



After a few years it became clear that frameworks and rules are needed for the teams, in addition to ‘team seniors’ and a ‘play distributor’ who regulates the coordination between cells.

Most employees are permanent employees. This provides bonding and involvement and the opportunity to further develop craftsmanship. Employees often start on a temporary contract, as an intern or through an employment agency, but the intention is that they quickly get a permanent appointment.

Information is shared and discussed in the cells every day. There is consultation between the cells every week, also in the office. And the department heads also meet every week. The software system offers the opportunity for all employees to make comments or ask questions; this is always responded to.



The work is varied. Team members support each other and are coached by the operational manager. They have a lot of autonomy and also control tasks or organizing roles. They can further develop their craftsmanship. The employees are becoming increasingly multi-deployable, after which they can also move to other cells.

In recent years, turnover and profit have grown and delivery reliability has improved. The number of employees has remained approximately the same. So there is higher productivity growth.



See the company website: Welkom bij BOSCH Scharnieren, de specialist in maatwerk scharnieren – Home – BOSCH Scharnieren

Vaas, (2022) Bosch scharnieren, a good example of Workplace Innovation. To be downloaded by the button below.