Buurtzorg Nederland: a fresh view on home care

2008 – To stay and live at home as long as possible (older) people need support and guidance. According to Buurtzorg Nederland (Care in the neighborhood in the cities and villages of the Netherlands) this could be done better and in less hours. This new, fast-growing national network that provides home care, now comprises some 90 self-managing teams of 10 to 15 nurses and caregivers.

Why this is social innovation
Buurtzorg Nederland has developed an innovative concept for nursing and caring at home. Better, more sustainable and more effective solutions for the client are paramount. By providing care by highly trained nurses and caregivers in small autonomous teams operating in the neighborhood, the solving ability and professionalism of the staff is fully exploited. These teams are supported by a national organization. Using modern ICT applications, administrative costs are as low as possible. In short: better care at lower costs.
The project is also a revaluation for the profession of a district nurse and district caregiver. There is a large degree of autonomy which provides the opportunity for the nurses and the caregivers to care in a way that suits them and that facilitates using their talents.

Buurtzorg Nederland works with autonomous teams of up to 12 nurses. In addition to traditional home care they provide supporting work in the general medical practice in the district. The nurse plays the key role and is easily accessible for both the client and the general medical practitioner.
The neighborhood care teams provide care to clients living independently in a specific area or neighborhood, in collaboration with GPs, the hospital and the social network around. They, themselves arrange an office, training, planning and services, and are responsible for the care of their clients and are allowed to determine what they may need. The teams are supported by a national office in Almelo and regional coaches. The concern for a given client is provided by the same employees as much as possible.

The reactions of clients, caregivers, doctors and staff are excited. Buurtzorg clients find that the staff is operating professionally and is easily accessible by telephone. The quality of health care is high. The clients give Buurtzorg the highest score of all home care.

This project is deployed throughout the Netherlands. Every organization, however large, can provide care on a small scale and in a community-oriented way.

Read more about Buurtzorg Nederland in the article ‘Thuiszorg op maat, zonder stroperige bureaucratie’ (Tailor-made homecare, no sluggish bureaucracy). In Volkskrant Banen (2008). See the attachments.

Website : https://www.buurtzorgnederland.com
Website : www.nivel.nl