CLA De Bijenkorf 2015 – 2017

2016 – In October 2015 De Bijenkorf and two unions reached a collective labour agreement that will run from July 2015 to July 2017. An intensive co-creation process was preceded this agreement. 

In the co-creation process the employment conditions themes and the first substantive directions were determined about which the parties should reach agreement in formal negotiations. This process was called “In Balance" and was held from  May 28, 2015 until the final presentation on July 6, 2015. Involved were the Bijenkorf staff, the unions, the Bijenkorf as employer and some members of the Works Council. 

Innovative arrangements
There will be one collective agreement for all scales.
The following innovative arrangements were made, besides wage increase. The youth wage will be abolished in three steps until 2017. Now the age an employee is considered full-grown for the job is 23; that will be (20, 19,) 18 years in 2017. All employees will be provided with a vitality budget the amount of which depends on the number of hours in their labour contract (max. 500 euro). This budget can be used for training, career advice, sports or lifestyle advice. The Sunday supplement is reduced from 100% to 50%; Night surcharge increased from 40%  to 100%, on holidays the fee is and remains 100%. Employees will have more control over working hours. More insight and predictability will be offered in the schedules. And there will be a trial in two affiliates with better rosters; particularly the three weekly rotating roster will be tested. New employees (since 1 Jan. 2016 in service) receive an annual profit-sharing rate of between 2 and 6%. Employees already in service on that date can choose for profit sharing in lieu of a fixed percentage (4%) as Christmas bonus. By 2017 periodical awards for employees who are not yet at the end of their scale will be based on an assessment of the performance (Performance Management System). Before there was an automatic annual increase.

De Bijenkorf, will give the two unions FNV Handel and CNV  Dienstenbond the opportunity to position themselves within De Bijenkorf  in order to create greater support for their work among the employees of De Bijenkorf. 


See the websites of the CLA-parties. The full tekst of the CLA (in Dutch) is attached.