Co-creating humane and innovative organizations

2016 – Bernard J. Mohr (USA) and Pierre van Amelsvoort (The Netherlands, Belgium) edited a new book on the ‘Evolutions in the Practice of Socio-Technical System Design’.

Frank Pot wrote a brief review of the book in the EUWIN-Bulletin of October this year, that is cited below.

An important new book on workplace innovation

In this multifaceted book, ……… thirty authors (academics, union leaders, and practitioners) describe their different lenses on STS-D (Socio-Technical System Design) to shed light on the panoply of past, present, and future thinking and practices that give life to the challenge of “co-creating humane and innovative organizations.” A number of active EUWIN participants contributed to the book.

The book is sponsored by the Global STS-D Network, cofounded by the STS Roundtable (North America) and the Ulbo De Sitter Institute (in the Netherlands and Belgium).

The book is recommended by – among other persons – Edgar H. Schein: “Finally we have an excellent overview of Socio-technical theory and practice, a historically seminal concept that has not nearly received enough attention among managers and organization development practitioners” and by Peter Totterdill: “(…) This book deserves to reach the bookshelves of researchers and practitioners alike”.


  1. Waves of Evolution In Socio-technical Systems Design (STS-D)—Bernard J. Mohr and Pierre van Amelsvoort ?1

  2. Creating High-Performing Organizations: The North American Open Socio-technical Systems Design Approach—Bernard J. Mohr ?16

  3. Open Systems Theory and the Two-Stage Model of Active Adaptation—Donald W. de Guerre ?34

  4. North American Design of Nonroutine Work Systems (1980s–1990s)—Douglas Austrom and Carolyn Ordowich ?50

  5. Human Talent Mobilization: Improving Both Quality of Working Life and Productivity by Organizational Design in the Lowlands—Pierre van Amelsvoort ?73

  6. Organizing Innovation and (Strategic) Decision Making—L. J. Lekkerkerk ?99

  7. Socio-technical Systems Design for Coordination of Virtual Teamwork—Bert Painter, Pamela A. Posey, Douglas R. Austrom, Ramkrishnan V. Tenkasi, Betty Barrett, and Betsy Merck ?123

  8. STS Designing for a Networked World—Carolyn Ordowich and Doug Austrom ·145

  9. The Employee’s Voice in the Design of Humane and Innovative Work(places)—Kevin Boyle, Wim Sprenger, and Ike Overdiep ?167

  10. Democratic Dialogue—Bjorn Gustavsen ?186

  11. Workplace Innovation—Frank Pot and Steven Dhondt ?201

  12. Purpose and Power in the Evolution of Socio-technical Systems Design—William E. Smith ?223

  13. Evolving Socio-technical Perspectives on Human Factors and Safety—Eric-Hans Kramer and Matthijs Moorkamp ?241

  14. Resilience-Centered Approaches for Training Design in an Electric Utility—Mohammed Alfayyoumi, Rocky Sease, and Pamela Ey ?258

  15. Enid Mumford: The ETHICS Methodology and Its Legacy—Peter Bednar and Christine Welch ?274

  16. Applying Enterprise Information Technology from a Socio-technical Perspective —Mark J. G. Govers and Pim Sudmeier ?289

  17. Lowlands Socio-technical Design Theory and Lean Production—Jac Christis and Erik Soepenberg ·303

  18. Changing the Nature of Work: Toward Total Workplace Innovation—Geert van Hootegem ?326

  19. The Future of STS-D—Bernard J. Mohr and Pierre van Amelsvoort ?344


    Mohr, Bernard,J., Amelsvoort, Pierre, van. (Eds.) (2016) ‘Co-creating humane and innovative organizations. Evolutions in the Practice of Socio-Technical System Design.’ Global STS-D Network Press.

For a preview see the Amazon website. However please order at the CreateSpace website for the same price ($ 29.95) as this brings twice as much royalty to fund development of the Global STS-D network.