Deciding about smart working in the public sector

2012 – In these times of cutting down smart working for public organizations is a necessity, for that is the way they can achieve the same or even more with fewer resources and still keep the quality of work high.
This report is a guide for the preparation of a business case for working smarter in the public sector. It provides a roadmap.

The roadmap consists of six steps:
Step 1: set the agenda and define the conditions
Step 2: analyze the stakeholders
Step 3: diagnose: investigate, describe, make it concrete and quantify
Step 4: Decide on the basis of BC
Step 5: Implement: design interventions and scenarios
Step 6: Evaluate and provide feedback (possibly repeat steps)

In this guide, these steps are illustrated with two cases.

Reference: Vaas, F., Graaf, B. de, Oeij, P., Mayer, M. , Koningsveld, E. (2012) Beslissen over slimmer werken in de publieke sector. (Deciding about smart working in the public sector)  Hoofddorp, TNO report.