Dirict Strategy & Internet


– The company
‘Dirict’ was started by two students who were building websites for solicitors. Now their main product is Digizeker, an online file that notaries can create
for their clients. In this file clients can securely store their log-in codes.

In the frame of the program ‘My Business 2.0’, the two founders/owners were guided by a coach of Syntens (a state owned agencythat supports SME’s) to do the next step in the development of their business. There was planned a
growth strategy and staff was recruited. Now the young entrepreneurs know how to bind the right people, that help the company grow. Together with employees and customers, they are thinking  about new
products now.

In the annex, you can find the full description of the case and included
is a link to a youtube video: https://youtu.be/T0JOLD5QtuA. It is one of the eight cases from the book: ‘Slimmer werken in het MKB. Mijn bedrijf 2.0. De winst zit in je mensen. (Working smarter in SMEs. My company 2.0. The profit
is in your people.