Employee participation on collective agreement metal technology

2013 – TheChristianTrade union for metal technique (CNV) has established a website that is visited by 5000 unique visitor per month. In the last three negotiation rounds a digital survey was sent to all employees in the sector (both union members and non-members) to check interests and priorities for the new collective agreement (cao). The result is used to determine the aims of the negotiation.

The survey contained partly similar questions each turn. That makes it possible for the union to see trends in certain themes. To support the negotiations in 2013 a website is launched to facilitate members to participate in and to inform them about the process: https://onzecao.nl.
Via this website employees participate actively in the making of the collective agreement and the union feels more support for his policy. The collective agreement lives: the website has been consulted by over 7000 unique visitors.

Themes: Labour relations, Renewal collective agreements

Source: multimedia

Sector: Metal, High tech, smart materials.