2012 – ‘Evident’ is a full service internet agency, with 60 employees. In the period the company participated in the project ‘Mijn Bedrijf 2.0 (My company 2.0) it stabilized after a rapid growth. This growth made it necessary to think of a new structure that is both efficient and provides room for the staff to come with creative ideas. In the frame of the project a good balance is found between freedom and responsibility of the employees and a cultural change was started.

The full description of the case is attached. And a link to a youtube video is: https://youtu.be/6DAnJaOcTQ0. It is one of the eight cases from the book: ‘Slimmer werken in het MKB’ Mijn bedrijf 2.0. De winst zit in je mensen’  (Working smarter in SMEs. My company 2.0. The profit is in your people.)