Exploring the future with PRO-SPECT

an evidence-based modular foresight approach

2023 – In this article, the authors argue for using foresight methods to gain a better grip on changes in work and related aspects of (technological) innovations. And they advocate adoption and further development of foresight practices.


In the face of rapid technological advancements and unforeseen societal events, predicting the future of work proves challenging. Foresight, the exploration of potential futures, emerges as a valuable strategy to navigate labor market uncertainties. However, existing foresight methods often lack alignment with the goals prioritized by sectoral and organizational stakeholders. Addressing this gap, we introduce PRO-SPECT (PROfessional Sectoral perSPECTive), a modular foresight approach crafted through literature review, expert interviews, and workshops. Tailored to meet the needs of policymakers, organisations, and communities, PRO-SPECT consists of four key steps: Scope, Scan, Impact, and Perspective. This evidence-based approach aims to equip stakeholders with actionable insights for the future of work and beyond. This article provides a comprehensive overview of PRO-SPECT, encouraging further adoption and knowledge development in foresight practices.


Koen, J., Bruel, D., Preenen, P., & van der Torre, W. (2023). Exploring the future with PRO-SPECT: an evidence-based modular foresight approach. European Public & Social Innovation Review8(2), 40-53. Retrieved from https://pub.sinnergiak.org/esir/article/view/236


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