Firm Strategies and Managerials Choices to improve Employee Innovation Adoption

in the Logisitics Industry

2022 – This study analyses the role of organisational mindfulness and employee involvement on employee innovation adoption. It takes into account if competition strategy and supportive leadership have an effect on these relations.

Results show that a firm’s competition strategy that values quality and not only costs, and the presence of

organisational mindfulness (making employees alert to solve issues and improve cooperation), is positively related to employee innovation adoption. Moreover, the presence of supportive leadership has an effect on employee innovation adoption as well.

Because organisations must better adopt innovations to deal with continuous change, this study emphasizes that every organisation can make their own future strategic choices, using these insights.


Oeij, P.R.A, Hulsegge, G., Preenen, P.T.Y., Somers, G., Vos, M., (2022). Firm Strategies and Managerial Chioices to Improve Employee Innovation Adoption in the Logistics Industry, Journal of Innovation Management, 10(1), 76-98.; DOI: