Full Management Support

2015 – Full Management Support (FMS) is a consulting company in Breda, the Netherlands with 25 permanent employees. 


FMS was founded as an office for accountancy. A few years ago the owner/manager predicted that customer demand will increasingly shift from the preparation of financial year reports  to actual figures, management information and advisory. 

Workplace Innovation

The company was reorganized to prepare for these new demands. There were founded sixth multidisciplinary and self-managing teams working result oriented. The employees have no fixed job, but put their talent where it can be used. They are also stimulated to develop a new role.

Furthermore there was  formed a network of freelancers around the company  to cooperate with when  a specific expertise is needed. 


It took a lot of persuasion by  the  management and it was a long way. The employees had to develop the self-confidence that they can do more than prepare financial year reports. 


Employees have become more enterprising and more customer oriented. They take initiative and work with more pleasure.  And there are more happy customers. 


Lessons have been learned:

The leadership must have  a clear vision.

It is important to create ownership and to provide space for experimentation. 


FMS is one of the case studies from the book  Balanced flexibility. ‘Gebalanceerde Flexibiliteit’ (2015) Sarike Verbiest, Wouter van der Torre, Friso Schous, Hardy van de Ven, Dirk Osinga, Simone Koot, Paul Preenen, Katarina Putnik, Anneke Goudswaard. Leiden: TNO Innovation for Life. (See elsewhere in this Knowledge Base.) A pdf.  of the case study (in Dutch) is included as an attachment.