Innovation by all and for all; Shaping a sustainable future for employment in manufacturing

2015 – In this Position Paper  IndustriAll Europe ( a commission of the united European unions from manufacturing industries) expresses her  vision to shape innovation towards a model where innovation is open to all workers and all citizens, and for the benefit of all: ‘Innovation by all and for all’.

10 policy proposals
IndustriAll does 10 policy proposals to realize this vision. Of these, proposal number 7 and 8 directly refer to Workplace Innovation.

Policy Proposal 7:
‘IndustriAll Europe and its affiliates support enhanced Information & Consultation rights, as well as genuine and thorough ‘social dialogue’ on ‘workplace innovation’, and demand that it be set up in areas where it does not yet exist. They are ready and willing to participate in this dialogue. They demand that workers and their representatives be directly involved in the discussion on innovation processes and objectives, in the determination of priorities, and on the strategy to reach them – in a process of “innovation democracy”.’

Policy Proposal 8:
‘IndustriAll Europe demands an EU-wide right for all employees to initiate ‘employee-driven innovation’ – however, this must in no way become an obligation’.

IndustriAll calls on Social partners at European level, the European Union, member states and companies to cooperate, to  invest in R&D and Innovation and to regulate in order to reach quality and fair distribution of welfare, and to  involve all stakeholders such as customers, users, business partners and, first and foremost, the staff.

‘Innovation by all and for all. Shaping a sustainable future for employment in manufacturing.’ Position Paper: Innovation Policy IndustriAll 60/2015. The paper is attached.