Interorganizational Learning: A Conceptualization of Public-Private Learning Communities

2023 – Human Resource Development (HRD) finds itself at a critical juncture given the rapidly changing landscape of work and a shift of focus in HRD research and practices. This provides momentum for the HRD discipline to explore new models of workplace learning that exceed the boundaries of one’s own organization. Public and private organizations increasingly understand that by joining forces and cocreating knowledge, they are better able to address these challenges and thereby stay innovative. In this paper, the authors propose a conceptual framework for Public-Private Learning Communities (PPLCs) as a promising approach to prepare organizations and employees for the rapidly changing future. By drawing on the concept of interorganizational learning and learning-network theory, they distinguish essential building blocks that relate to the PPLCs’ strategy, structure, process, and culture. With this conceptual paper, the authors aim to break new ground for HRD theory-building and offer novel directions for HRD researchers and practitioners.


Schipper, T., Mennens, K., Preenen, P. T. Y., Vos, M., van den Tooren, M., & Hofstra, N. (2023). Toward an interorganizational learning system: A conceptualization of Public-Private Learning Communities. Human Resource Development Review. Advance online publication.