Introduction of a new negotiation proces for a collective agreement by NS (Dutch rail way company)

2013 – In the actual negotiation round The Dutch Railway company (NS) started a website to facilitate the participation of all workers in the process to realise a new collective agreement (‘cao’).
NS is the first company that uses such a digital platform to communicate with all the workers about the terms of employment. Via this platform workers can do suggestions and offer proposals or indicate their priorities concerning the terms of employment.
NS informs and involves the workers by video messages, blogs, articles, surveys and polls and news bulletins. HR director Harry van de Kraats says that the platform is not ment to frustrate the  trade unions. It is indeed, a way to include more people. According Van de Kraats the majority of trade union members are older workers, whereas NS wants an agreement that is good for all employees.  NS regards the online platform as a success since it challenges the negotiating parties to better explicate the dilemma’s that exist.