Netflix organizational change and structure

Case study 2022

2022 – Netflix is an online video streaming platform that allows users to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries online.


Netflix shows itself to be an innovative company that has achieved a competitive advantage by changing its business model a few times to better meet customer requirements, using new technologies. Netflix has a flat organizational structure that provides ample freedom for employees. It is also known as a decentralized organizational structure that allows the respective person to make quick decisions. Netflix’s organizational structure avoids top-down decision-making strategies to create a conducive working environment for employees. It also focuses on creating a favourable environment to promote employees’ work performance. Netflix has a labour division that works to improve performances. The authority review the performance regularly. They opt for a multi-rater feedback system that is also known as a 360-degree review method.


The application and adoption of new technology is an inevitable answer to the customer demand that develops through the use of a computer, laptop or smartphone also for relaxation.


Netflix has used the ‘blue ocean strategy’ to innovate. That is, they have opened up a market for a new product and business model.

How the employees are included in this is not explained in the article.


Netflix is one of the most successful international companies.  A result in terms of improvement of quality of work, is not mentioned.


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