New models of high performance worksystems

2009 – This report discusses the results of a detailed survey of medium and large companies in the manufacturing and service industries in Ireland. This study looked at the use of high performance work systems, the nature of management in practice and examined the extent to which these management practices are related to organisational performance. 

Why is this social innovation?
A high performance work system (HPWS) is a set of HR practices aimed at making the most of the workforce by maximizing the flow of information and the skills and motivation of the employees.


The original model examined only the standard set of factors that are present at HPWS and fall under human resource management (HRM). The researchers, however, have broadened to cooperation in the workplace, flexible work systems and equality and diversity in the workplace.


The results of the original model of HPWS confirm what earlier studies of the NCPP had already proven: strategic HRM certainly affect the performance of the company, such as labor productivity, innovation and welfare of the staff. The new findings show, however, that other factors, such as diversity and equality, significantly are associated with labor productivity, innovation and reduced staff turnover. When companies focus more on the aspects of HPWS they can significantly increase their performance.

:  Patrick C. Flood, Thaddeus Mkamwa, Cathal O’Regan James P. Guthrie, Wenchuan Liu, Claire Armstrong, Sarah MacCurtain (2008) New models of high performance worksystems. The Business Case for Strategic HRM, Partnership and Diversity and Equality Systems. Ireland: NCPP. (pdf. attached)