Occupational Safety and health Staging Framework for Decent Work

2022 – . A workgroup of the International Commission on Occupational Health and collaborators

addressed the issue of decent work and occupational safety and health (OSH) with the objective

of elaborating a framework for guidance for practitioners, researchers, employers, workers, and



The 2030 United Nations Goal 8 for sustainable development focuses on decent work.

There is utility in identifying the occupational safety and health aspects of Goal 8, as they pertain

to the four pillars of decent work: job creation, social protection, rights of workers, and social



This article presents that framework, which is based on an examination of the literature

and the perspectives of the workgroup. The framework encompasses the intersection of the pillars of

decent (employment creation, social protection, rights of workers, and social dialogue) work with

new and emerging hazards and risks related to various selected determinants: new technologies

and new forms of work; demographics (aging and gender); globalization; informal work; migration;

pandemics; and OSH policies and climate change. The OSH field will need an expanded focus to

address the future of decent work. This focus should incorporate the needs of workers and workforces

in terms of their well-being. The framework identifies a starting point for the OSH community to

begin to promote decent work.



Schulte, P.A.; Iavicoli, I.;Fontana, L.; Leka, S.; Dollard, M.F.; Salmen-Navarro, A.; Salles, F.J.; Olympio, K.P.K.; Lucchini, R.; Fingerhut, M.; et al. Occupational Safety and Health Staging Framework for DecentWork. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2022, 19,10842. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph191710842

Academic Editors: Paul B. Tchounwou and Yasushi Suwazono, Published: 31 August 2022