Organizing work for innovation and growth. Experience and efforts in ten companies.

2009 – Organizational innovations are very important for the success of organizations. By organizing the work in an innovative way processes can be designed more efficiently and increase of productivity may occur. In addition, conditions can be developed that stimulate the employees’ creative and innovative capabilities.
This report, ‘Organizingwork for innovation and growth’  is written by two employees from Vinnova in Sweden: Marianne Döös and Lena Wilhelmson. It contributes to the knowledge of how the “high road strategy for development" can be applied in practice. Attention is given to the issue of how in practice businesses organize their work and create positive conditions for innovation, competition and growth.
It’s not always the most revolutionary changes that ensure the success of a company. Also the incremental, continuous changes are important. What does matter is to learn to see things differently and learning to think differently. This applies both to the organization of internal labor processes and to external partnerships.

Vinnova is a Swedish governmental agency for innovation. Their mission is to encourage sustainable growth by funding demand-driven research and developing innovation systems. Through the activities they undertake in their field they want to make a significant contribution to the Swedish development to a center of economic growth.

More information can be found via the website of the organization: online.
For the entire report Organizing work for innovation and growth. Experience and efforts in ten companies’ (2009) by Marianne Döös & Lena Wilhelmson, Vinnova, see the annex.