Sustainable work in Europe: Concepts, Conditions, Challenges

Book review

2023 – The book ‘Sustainable work in Europe: Concepts, Conditions, Challenges’ (2022) was edited by Kenneth Abrahamson and Richard Ennals. Paul Preenen did the book review that is attached.

This book appeared on the right moment since Europe is facing two transitions the digital-and the climate transitions. On top of that there is a pandemicdriven restructuring of important sectors of our economies and the way we are working.

The book brings together a strong core of Swedish inspired working life research, with additional contributions from across Europe.


Three parts

The book is structured in three parts.

The first part Sustainable work, job quality and equality focuses on the sustainable work concept, its policy background and relation to job quality, inequality, gender, older workers, and senior employment.

The second section Sustainable workplace innovations, digitalisation, and the green revolution highlights the importance of sustainable workplace innovations.

The third and final section From policy to practice: Channels of implementation focuses on implementation and the channels and methods to connect research, policies, and good practices in order to support employers and employees, unions and employee-representatives to move to better workplaces, including better job quality.



Preenen, P.: ‘Sustainable work in Europe: Concepts, Conditions, Challenges’, Book review. In: European Journal of Workplace Innovation. Volume 7, Issue 2, April 2023.

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