Technological and workplace innovation in a competitive market-Innovation and competition monitor ‘top sectors’, 2012

2013 – In 2012, a first measurement was done in  the ‘top sectors panel’  that  Panteia  lounged that year. The measuring instrument  is based on the ‘Erasmus Competition and innovation monitor ‘ of the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). In this investigation 1,527 companies participated.

Some notable results:
The top sectors include 275,000 companies of which about 80 % SMEs.
8 % of the companies in the top sectors is an ‘innovation leader ‘, 27 % ‘developer ‘. The top sector Chemistry has a relatively large amount of ‘innovation leaders’, the Agro & Food relatively large amount of ‘adopters’ and ‘followers’ .
Roughly 2 to 3 companies invested, a portion of sales in technological innovation over the past three years.

Innovation is needed because of the rapid developments in the market. However innovation is but possible if the business structure is in order and staff have the space to perform. Workplace innovation is needed for this.
Companies in the top sector score of 3.1 on a scale of 7 for workplace innovation. The sectors Energy and Chemistry scored the highest here, the creative industry ’s lowest.
77 % of the innovation success is determined by workplace innovation 23 % through technological innovation.

Sectors with an above average active market approach, i.e. that their market approach focuses both on innovation and adaptation, tend to have better business performance. This is especially true for sectors: Energy , Chemistry and High Tech.
The companies in the top sectors experience competition particularly in the Netherlands. Where competition is felt from foreign companies, the companies invest relatively more in technological innovation.

Gibcus, Petra; Braakma, Ro; Prince, Yvonne; Volberda, Henk; Jansen, Justin; Tempelaar, Michael; Heij, Kevin. ( 2013 ) Technological and workplace innovation in a competitive market. Innovation and competition monitor top sectors in 2012. Panteia , Rotterdam School of Management , Erasmus University . (The Dutch report is attached.)

Topics : Monitoring & Evaluation , Innovation & Innovation Power , Social Innovation
Sector : All top sectors
Source : research report.