Vincit a Finnish software company

2016 – Vincit Oy is a software company that employs 210 professionals. The company’s major business activity is custom software development. In addition, Vincit offers consulting and coaching concerning agile software development and management. The core competence of the company is internet and mobile applications.

The story of Vincit began in the year 2007. At the time, the founders of Vincit worked at a multinational corporation that concentrated more on numbers instead of people in their management model. Mikko and Pekka however strongly believed in the significance of a good workplace satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers and long term success. With this base idea they decided to establish Vincit. The name comes from Latin and is present in two meaningful phrases: Amor Vincit omnia (Love conquers all) and Labor omnia Vincit (Work conquers all). Vincit’s philosophy is condensed in these two sentences. Success stems from working hard for the right things, and the things you enjoy.

The process
Vincit was established to be a good place to work, keeping in mind that the company operates in a very competitive industry and therefore the effectiveness of labor has to be top-quality.
The vision of Vincit, written on a coaster at the time of foundation goes: you should be happy to go to work even on Mondays.
The dream of creating a great workplace is still strongly present in Vincit’s working culture. The company is continuously being developed in collaboration with employees, respecting their opinions.

The workplace innovation
People at Vincit work in small, usually under 10 people project teams, where every person has their own experience and expertise profile. The result is a tight and efficient work community where people support each other. The projects are done by using agile development methods.

What sets Vincit apart from its competitors, among other things, is a very high level of expertise. 100% of the clients would recommend Vincit  to others. Vincit has done many decisions differently than her competitors, developed the company based on the employees’ ideas and experimented boldly with the ideas that they believe in. For example, Vincit is the only IT company in Finland that offers its customers 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the customer feels Vincits work hasn’t brought enough additional value, it will not charge a dime. This is a courageous promise in an industry where 67% of projects fail (Standish Group 2012.) but it enables trust between Vincit and the customers in an hourly billing system and at the same time it’s a signal of respect for it employees.

Vincit. Great Place to work 2016 Culture Audit. Updated 1.9.2016, .
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