Your guide to Workplace Innovation

2016 – The Europeam Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN)  published a Guide for practitioners. Euwin was launched by the European Commission in 2013.


Success in the new industrial revolution naturally requires that our industries use the best available technologies. But technologies alone are not the answer. We need to put more focus on human factors. This is our main resource in Europe and we do not make enough use of it. Workplace innovation not only aims at fostering innovation capacities, it also allows business to remain innovative and adapt to changes more quickly and smoothly. But how to do it?

This short guide will give you practical knowledge, inspire you with great case studies, help you to assess current practice in your organisation, suggest pathways to change, and signpost you towards further sources of information and support.


The guide is built around five challenges:

  • Why workplace innovation is important for your company?

  • How workplace innovation will transform your organisation?

  • Where to begin?

  • What are the ‘Elements’ of workplace innovation?

  • How to achieve commitment from everyone in your organisation?

Short references to research provide scientific evidence. References  to many cases show that Workplace Innovation can be applied in practice. 


European Commission, European Workplace Innovation Network EUWIN. (2016) ‘Your Guide to Workplace Innovation’.  Authors: Peter Totterdill, Steven Dhondt, en Sylvie Boermans.


And for video films by Steven Dhondt & Claudio Zettel resp. Peter Totterdill & Claire Alexander, see: 

The English version of the Guide is attached.